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Hello and welcome to my digitally enhanced photo gallery

I am Tony from East Renfrewshire near Glasgow.  This is my website for which I do all the photography. I have always been interested in photography which I believe is an art form.  I have concentrated on photographing familiar things but with a twist. Using digital methods I am able to create enhancements, which are not there in real life but I which I like to enhance the photo. For example, my shot of the three bridges near Edinburgh is enhanced with reflections which do not naturally occur.  Not all my photos are like this but I like to think outside the box. I have spent a number of years bringing this collection together and many hours of digital development to achieve the look of the website as it is today. I hope that you will find a photograph that you enjoy amongst this collection.

Unfortunately, I can only accept orders from the United Kingdom

Quality Of Prints

Every one of my prints is of very high quality. The files are suitable for large scale printing.. Minuteman Press Glasgow South do the printing for me. using very high-quality inks on a large scale digital inkjet printer.  I like to support local businesses in this way, which I think is important, and all my materials are sourced from companies in the United Kingdom.

Minuteman Press is an independent company, but if you like the quality of my prints then check out their website if you would like to consider them for any projects.

Minuteman Press Victoria Court, 3 Hollybrook Place Glasgow G42 7HB  0141 649 1040

Images And The Framing of Prints All Sizes in MILLIMETRES

Each print has two sizes, the Second size is the image size, the first size is larger and is the sheet size including the white border. I have put a white border around the images giving you the option to trim the edge of the sheet to fit a frame if required. Otherwise, you can just fit the sheet to a frame. As the images are large I recommend dry mounting the prints before framing. The paper used is very high quality. It is advisable to check the frame size when considering your purchase or take advice from a picture framer.

IMPORTANT  Please add approximately 20mm on to both of the first larger sizes ( the total sheet size) as there is approximately 10mm extra round the outside of the sheet.

The website images are to give you an idea of what images you might like to purchase.  They are not to scale, so please refer to the sizes below each image for correct measurement. As some of the images have been digitally enhanced.

Glasgow is an amazing city to photograph, so whether you are a resident or not,  welcome and thanks for visiting my website. A great photo stands out no matter where in the world it is taken and my personal collection is both local and international.

Print Prices

Pricing is competitive and the prints are of excellent quality. I do not offer frames as this would significantly increase the cost of a print and could limit customer choice. Online payment is secure and compliant with all regulations.

I look forward to your continued support and to finding and photographing yet more interesting places

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